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Everyone needs to relax... even kids. Daydream is a modern rendition of an ancient yoga relaxation technique that brings a deep sense of calm and inner balance. Whether your children are overactive or simply tired and need to rest, Daydream will help them experience the benefits of yoga's most effective secrets for relaxation. Daydream makes naptime truly restful and something everyone can look forward to—even parents and teachers.

Track 1: We'll Wake You Up
Track 2: Keep Resting

Track 1 includes a fun wake-up song so kids can come out of their afternoon nap in good spirits. Track 2 gently fades out with a sweet lullaby to let kids keep resting.

Help your kids—or anyone—awaken from their nap feeling peaceful and relaxed by gently circling your fingertips around the crown of their head.

Approx. 75 Minutes



NO STRESS: Make naptime a pleasure with Wai Lana's Little Yogis Daydream CD. Original songs and soothing sounds of the ocean help children find relaxation and relief from stress. Track One lures listeners to sleep, then ends with “Wake Up, Sleepyhead.” Track Two's session fades out with the sound of waves, letting listeners rest peacefully.

The Miami Herald, July 27, 2004

Help for Stressed Kids. Wai Lana, the host of the long-running PBS series Wai Lana Yoga, has a new CD out that is aimed at tired and troubled youngsters—perhaps those with an attention-deficit disorder.

The new CD, called Daydream, uses yoga techniques to help youngsters find natural relaxation and relief from stress through soothing sounds and songs.

The CD, which has two tracks, has guided relaxation, original songs ,and soothing music and sounds.

One track lulls the listener to sleep, then ends with a song called "Wake Up, Sleepyhead," intended to awaken him in good spirits.

The second track's relaxation session fades out with the sound of ocean waves, allowing listeners to continue resting peacefully.

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY) on Jun 2, 2004