Easy Meditation for Everyone

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Easy Meditation for Everyone

Everyone needs refuge from the stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, emptiness, and other aspects of life that can overwhelm us. With ten different methods of Yoga Sound Meditation™ to choose from, even a few minutes of regular practice can help you easily experience:

  • Relaxation of body & mind
  • Increased alertness & mental clarity
  • Spiritual happiness & fulfillment
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Improved sleep
  • Self-realization & enlightenment

Kit Includes:

  • 2 DVDs with follow-along instructions for learning and practicing 10 different methods of meditation. You will be able transform your home and office into a peaceful oasis or take your practice of meditation anywhere. [Spanish subtitles] (Approx. 155 min. total running time)
  • An enchanting CD to facilitate your practice of Yoga Sound Meditation wherever you are and a complimentary digital copy. (Approx. 51 min.)
  • A set of beads to help you focus during the practice of japa meditation.
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  • 5
    Fast delivery and a great idea for a DVD

    Posted by Tapanes, C. FN, USN on 7th Apr 2014

    I have been a Wai Lana customer and follower for years. This latest DVD installation is no disappointment, just as fun to practice along to as the rest of Wai Lana's video creations. Well made, informative and so relaxing as always. Keep up the good work Wai Lana and thank you for introducing me to one of the greatest gifts of my life, yoga!

  • 5
    Fantastic Meditation Program

    Posted by Kathleen Watts on 30th Mar 2014

    I ordered the Meditation series and I love it. There are many different meditations to to choose from on one DVD and Wai Lana's voice is so soothing. I even relax during her yoga tapes. There is a sense that you are in a relaxed atmosphere through all her tapes.

  • 5
    Thank You Wai Lana

    Posted by Diana on 19th Feb 2014

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your Meditation Kit. It’s such a wonderful tool. My aunt, who is 94 years old and in the hospital, who has never been religious or interested in meditation, really liked it and found it very relaxing and comforting. I visited her for a week and the first night we did five of the meditations. The next day we did japa meditation, and every day we practiced together for a little while, often doing more than one meditation. I bought her a portable DVD player so she could watch the DVDs after I left. What better gift to give someone at the end of their life? Thank you!

  • 5
    Beautifully Crafted

    Posted by Sylwia Jones [via Wai Lana's Facebook page] on 19th Feb 2014

    So beautifully crafted, we love it! It's like a luxurious box of chocolate... it is BETTER than a box of best chocolate... it's a gift for life