Wai Lana’s Little Yogis™ Fun Songs Cartoon DVD with Lyrics Book

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Wai Lana’s fun-filled musical cartoon is an animated adventure through enchanted jungles and beautiful gardens, up high mountaintops, down rushing waterfalls, and much, much more!

This adorable, captivating DVD features all 12 catchy, feel-good songs from Wai Lana’s Fun Songs CD, along with all your kids’ favorite Little Yogis characters. Unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, these songs are educational, inspirational, and super-sensational fun for the young, old, and everyone in between!

A bundle of wholesome entertainment, this is one DVD the whole family will agree on!

  • Inspires and motivates kids
  • Encourages quality family time
  • Balances fun, learning, music, and exercise
  • Perfect for parties, fitness, and playtimes
  • Offers uplifting music, adorable animation, and engaging lyrics

Includes 68-page, full-color lyrics book!


award.gif Breathtakingly beautiful, Fun Songs Cartoons' up-beat tunes and fabulous animations are so inspiring kids will exercise with glee imitating animal poses. This unique method of encouraging exercising while educating kids about the world around them-full of exotic creatures, soaring mountains, the endless sky where birds fly high, meandering streams and peaceful placed to rest-to slumber-in a safe and happy state is dynamic.

The tunes Building A Bridge Together for everyone says it ALL. It speaks of the unique skills all creatures hold and add to life, encouraging kids to join in-stay healthy, have fun learning how to work together for everyone. And the lyrics of Let Me Be Like a Tree speaks from the heart, of how they are so vital in our lives and give to us completely. The fruit they bare, the shelter they give, the air they clean, the wood we use for many things, and the fun we have playing in their lofty leaves. To be KIND like a tree is marvelous advice to follow it brings health, happiness and many other wonderful things.

"The whole family will get a kick out of sharing fun times together exercising to up-beat cartoons promoting health as it educates. It's Great Fun."

Thank you for giving us a taste of excellence. Wai Lana was well served.

-Janet Stokes, Chief Executive, Film Advisory Board Inc.



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    Fun and colorful!

    Posted by Dev on 8th Sep 2015

    I brought this Dvd for my 2 little boys, every time we play it the room is filled with their giggles! So bright and colorful and lots of little laughs along the way!