Yogitoes Skidless Towel

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This innovative and versatile towel is the first ever created to prevent slipping during yoga and other floor exercises.Laid over a yoga mat, rug, or carpet, Skidless® offers a super-absorbent, super-grippy, nonslip surface on which to practice safely and comfortably.

  • Grippy, nonslip surface for a safe practice
  • Super-absorbent, hygienic layer between you and your mat
  • Easy care: machine washable and dryable
  • Lightweight and convenient for travel
  • Use as a barrier on a hotel carpet or a borrowed studio mat

Extra Grip
Made of a special microfiber fabric, the Skidless® Towel is specially designed to prevent slipping while practicing yoga or other floor exercises. Laid over your regular yoga mat, it offers an even grippier, nonslip surface for your practice.This can be especially helpful in poses where feet and hands tend to slip, such as Summit Pose.

The Skidless® Towel is super-absorbent, providing a hygienic layer between you and your yoga mat.Because it absorbs sweat and dirt, Skidless® keeps your mat cleaner and drier.When it gets dirty, just throw your Skidless® in the wash.Skidless® can also provide a clean barrier between you and a hotel floor or a borrowed studio mat, allowing you to practice comfortably when you're away from home.

Skidless® is lightweight and folds up much smaller than a yoga mat, making it an ideal travel companion.Thrown over a thick carpet or rug, Skidless® can be used alone, in place of a yoga mat.

Size: 24 x 68 inches (standard yoga mat size)