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A traditional meditation cushion and versatile yoga prop

Use it for:

  • Comfortable, relaxing meditation
  • Extra cushioning in asanas like Shoulderstand and Plough
  • As a bolster in modified asanas and restorative poses

Product Features:

  • Large and comfortable, our zabuton is 36" x 28"
  • Stuffed with 3 generous inches of cotton batting, it's extra thick for extra insulation from cold, hard floors
  • Covered with tufted cotton muslin for a nice feel and greater durability
  • Available with or without an additional removable, washable, zippered cotton muslin cover to extend the life of your zabuton

A zabuton is a flat, rectangular cushion that is often placed under a zafu cushion or meditation bench to cushion the knees and ankles and offer insulation from cold floors. It can also be used to provide extra cushioning and support in many yoga asanas. Laid flat, it provides excellent padding for the upper spine in Shoulderstand or for the knee in a lunge. Folded in half or rolled, our zabuton can be a wonderful aid in restorative and modified yoga asanas. For instance, it can be placed under the upper spine in Corpse Pose to help open the chest or under the knees to relieve lower back tension. And when you're just relaxing at home, the zabuton makes a comfy seat or pillow.

(28"L x 36"W x 3"H)

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