Making of Alive Forever video

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This 30-minute documentary captures the motivation and creativity behind the production of Wai Lana’s beautiful Alive Forever short film. You’ll hear from members of her crew and creative team, see exclusive behind-the- scenes footage, and listen to Wai Lana describe how this unique project was developed, from the initial concept to its release for the second International Day of Yoga. 
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    Wonderful! You won’t be disappointed!

    Posted by Mayavati on 14th Dec 2020

    I really enjoyed watching this download! It made me feel joyful, and warm inside with appreciation. It made me smile and made me laugh! There are surprises too! This video is informative, and shows how Wai Lana’s films are all made with attention to detail. When you’re finished watching the Making of Alive Forever, you may find yourself singing Aham Brahmasmi! I highly recommend!

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    This is amazing and also funny

    Posted by John on 26th Dec 2016

    This shows how much of effort and planning and other inside stories behind the the epic Alive Forever music video. Thanks Wai Lana for putting so much effort and care to make this masterpiece which really is life changing!