Alive Forever Merchandise Bundle #1

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1) Alive Forever Album
As part of this bundle, you're receive digital downloads of the first two singles from Wai Lana's upcoming Alive Forever album, Namaste and Alive Forever. As each new additional track is produced for the album, you’ll have priority access to download the single, before it's released to the public.

2) Making of Alive Forever Video
This 30-minute documentary captures the motivation and creativity behind the production of Wai Lana’s beautiful Alive Forever short film. You’ll hear from members of her crew and creative team, see exclusive behind-the- scenes footage, and listen to Wai Lana describe how this unique project was developed, from the initial concept to its release for the second International Day of Yoga. 

3) Rest & Relax Album
On this album, Wai Lana talks you through two relaxation techniques, followed by a restful meditation. These ancient techniques can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. They will also help you overcome insomnia, enabling you to slip into deep and sound sleep. Wai Lana's calming voice and soft music will ease your mind, relax your body, and soothe your spirit.

4) Yoga Wisdom for Inner Peace Booklet
Contemplate enlightening gems of wisdom with this beautiful and inspirational digital booklet from Wai Lana.