Tulsi Mala (Meditation Beads)

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Traditionally, yogis use a mala (a string of beads) in the practice of Japa Meditation. Japa Meditation is the process of hearing and repeating transcendental sound, or sacred mantras, softly to yourself. The mala is used to count the number of times you hear and repeat the transcendental sound. While most forms of Yoga Sound Meditation primarily engage your mind, hearing, and speaking, Japa Meditation also engages the sense of touch, which helps to focus your attention on the transcendental sound.

Japa Meditation is usually practiced alone. Many yogis especially like to practice Japa Meditation in the early morning and evening hours, around sunrise and sunset. Of course it is beneficial to practice Japa Meditation whenever you have time. Because it is a quiet, personal meditation, it can be practiced nearly anywhere, sitting or walking, indoors or out.

Our tulsi malas (or meditation beads) are made in India from the wood of the holy tulsi plant. They include 54 beads, with knots between each bead, plus 1 head bead and tassel. Beads are approximately 7mm in diameter, and the length of the strand is approximately 20cm.

Wai Lana’s Easy Meditation for Everyone teaches 10 different methods of Yoga Sound Meditation, including Japa Meditation.


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    Love these beads

    Posted by Sondra Anderson-Bates on 5th Jul 2020

    Love ❤️ the beads I wish I could Wear them Around My NECK any suggestions of where I could go to get the CHAIN OF BEADS EXTENDED?? I NEED SO MUCH NEEDED HELP PLEASE