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This album features some of the world's most outstanding and renowned musicians/guitarists, whose collaboration with Wai Lana has resulted in a one-of-a-kind, East-meets-West, ancient-meets-modern blend to perfection. It is that rare gem that simultaneously calms the mind and inspires the soul.

Soothe your nerves, calm your mind, and awaken your heart. Beautiful! Inspiring! Melodic!

1: Beyond All Oceans - 5:10  
2: Yi Tribal Dance - 4:12 Sample
3: Seaside - 5:32  
4: Moon Among the Stars - 5:46  
5: On This Planet - 5:03 Sample
6: Crystal Stream - 5:03  
7: Rain Forest - 8:43  
8: Call of the Plains - 4:01  
9: Spiritual Love - 5:28 Sample
10: Lost Worlds - 6:22 Sample
11: Lake of Tranquility - 5:38


Yoga Music of the Heart ... the perfect antidote for a stressful day ... From East to West, old to new, serene New Age to pop rock, and waves to yoga chants, there is something here for every yoga practitioner.

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Yoga Music is one of a pair of CDs by Wai Lana from the soundtracks of her yoga television series and home videos. Wai Lana contributes to the melody and composition of the selected pieces and also provides the vocals.

The disc is composed of eleven musical pieces possessing a distinctly foreign flavor. Yet instead of a blended final product, it is more like a mix of ingredients that each keep their distinct uniqueness and thus contribute to the creation of a new whole. ... Beautiful and subtle, there are far fewer lyrics in this collection of songs than in her Yoga Sound CD. In some ways that contributes to a smooth flow of music that may work very well for meditation purposes. Relaxed and easy, I think this work will be appreciated for the gift it will bring to your psyche. Almost like the creed, it seems to say, "First, do no harm."

According to the science of yoga, sound has impact on one's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Gently, it coaxes us out of our tense, hard-driven mindset. It seems to say, "Come, relax. Release." Perfect when you need a break from the barrage of radio broadcasting or high-tempo music. Listen to the sounds of peace.


This CD soundtrack by Wai Lana is the music you've heard in the background on each of the tapes in [the Easy] series. The music will help you relax, meditate, and find inspiration. Each track is earthly and ethereal, and playing it during your yoga asanas without the videotape will make that experience comforting. Favorite songs of mine include: "Call of the Plains," "Seaside," and "Crystal Stream."

—David Boles,