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Yoga Nidra (yoga rest) is a wonderful ancient technique that gives you a simple method for reaching a deeply restful state. Lie down, close your eyes, leave your cares behind, and allow Wai Lana to guide you step-by-step through the relaxation of both body and mind.

Includes 3 tracks:

Track 1 – Yoga Nidra – 41:16
Lie down and let Wai Lana take you on a magical journey through guided Yoga Nidra that will leave you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. You will find inner peace, deep-seated strength, vital energy, calmness, and clarity and achieve harmony in body and mind. 

Track 2 – Yoga Nidra (short version) – 16:28
When time is short—maybe during your work day or when taking a break from your studies—do this shorter version of Yoga Nidra. You’ll find it instantly rejuvenating.

Track 3 – Yoga Sound Breathing Method – 6:40
Yoga Sound combined with rhythmic breathing is very soothing and helps you achieve results similar to Yoga Nidra. If you are agitated or upset but don’t have time for a longer session, the Yoga Sound Breathing Method does wonders to calm you down.

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