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Yoga sound is the heart and soul of yoga. Let Wai Lana's Yoga Sound™ take you on a meditative journey far beyond the stress, strain, and anxiety of everyday life. Get loose! Sing and dance with this colorful blend of ancient Sanskrit chants and songs with modern instruments and melodies. Beautiful! Dynamic! Uplifting!

CD Tracks  
1: Awakening - 7:07  
2: Radha Kunda -7:41 Play Sample
3: Sunflower - 6:15  
4: Mirror of the Mind - 9:41  
5: Lionheart - 5:40  
6: Swan Dance - 12:29  
7: Sweet Gopala - 3:36  
8: Most Beautiful Place - 5:00  
9: Trance - 4:59 Play Sample


… suitable for meditation, as background music, or for pure enjoyment.

Arizona Networking News

This album [Yoga Sound] gets my vote for "most unusual of the year." ... I guarantee you will not be bored.

NAPRA ReView, November/December 1998

This music CD by Wai Lana is the soundtrack for this [Hello Fitness] videotape series. The sounds will jingle your spine and send your mind a tingle! Close your eyes, concentrate on your inner core, and let this CD wash over you. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. "Awakening," "Swan Dance," and "Mirror of the Mind" are my favorite musical experiences. I enjoy practicing my difficult asanas with Wai Lana's spirit encouraging me on in throaty song.

—David Boles,

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