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For over 25 years, Wai Lana has been teaching yoga to people in all corners of the world. Her long-running international show, Wai Lana Yoga, illustrates her in-depth knowledge and insightful instruction, offering viewers of all abilities the opportunity to receive the gift of yoga.


  • Customized Personal Workout
  • One Asana at a Time
  • Quick Hints for Each Pose
  • Benefits for Each Pose
  • Wai Lana’s Little Yogis™
  • Opción de idioma español (Spanish Soundtrack)

Are you ready to try yoga?
… to experience what it can do for your body, your health, and your peace of mind? Wai Lana is here to guide you with her Beginners Workout. Set to a backdrop of calming ocean waves, Wai Lana’s yoga poses are gentle, easy, and safe to practice … and offer wonderful results.

  • Loosen stiff joints and muscles 
  • Release shoulder tension
  • Strengthen and tone your abs  
  • Firm your thighs and buttocks  
  • Calm your nerves
  • Experience deep relaxation

“It’s no wonder yoga instructor Wai Lana has a weekly TV series viewed by millions. We have evaluated scores of yoga videos over the years, and Wai Lana’s are by far the most beautiful and inspiring we have ever seen!”

–Elayne Blythe, Film Advisory Board President

Level: Beginner

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  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Grace A Burpo on 31st Jul 2017

    I got this dvd years ago and have greatly enjoyed it. I wanted to watch it again but found the dvd was missing, I guest a family member must have been enjoying it and forgot to return it. So I bought another copy and am once again loving it.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2017

    After using Wailana for a couple of months I find it extremely beneficial. The DVD arrived promptly and in good condition. Great value.

  • 5
    Great workout!

    Posted by J. Poulin on 17th Jan 2017

    I first learned about this Video when I rented it from the library in Calgary, Canada. I liked it so much that I ordered it for myself. It tones the muscles and does wonders for your internal organs. I am 80 years old. It rejuvenates me every time I use it!

  • 5
    Amazing Beginners Workout

    Posted by Cynthia on 1st Sep 2016

    Awesome beginners workout! I lost 26 pounds do this work out :) I have amazing full range of motion in my injured neck! I love this Yoga DVD!

  • 4
    Really Good Workout

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Apr 2015

    This video is not only a good workout, but so beautifully made. The scenery and music are so relaxing and the poses work every area of the body. A wonderful video for beginners.

  • 5

    Posted by Graciela on 30th Mar 2015

    I love the fact that it have the Spanish version. I already have this DVD and bought it as a gift for a friend who does not speak English.

  • 4
    20 years of Wai Lana

    Posted by Megan Tait on 22nd Feb 2015

    I discovered the Video originally in my local library and have been an avid fan ever since. I used to be able to accomplish the triple pack but am out of practice after a time away from yoga. Now I cant go a day without doing the relaxation or beginners DVD !

  • 5
    Finally I Got To It!!

    Posted by Ellen on 27th Dec 2014

    Not sure how many Pple can relate, but Ive had this DVD in the 3 pack set for over a year, just sitting here. Finally I had enough of the back pain + my Dr. told me to do yoga daily! Now I cant wait to get to these simple, but very effective poses!! Everything about me is easier going from body to mind SO naturally I ordered this single DVD when a relative asked if anyone knew a good beginners Yoga for her + husband :) Merry Christmas!!! Mahalo Wai Lana!!!

  • 5
    Wonderful !

    Posted by Marie on 21st Mar 2014

    These DVD's are teriffic. They are quite physically challenging as well as visually stimulating, and the music is calm and appropriate to the movements. As each position is demonstrated, Wai Lana is wearing a different outfit, and this clearly demonstrates that she is performing a different asana. This is a really great way to show the different poses. Love the outfits and her calm voice guiding the movements. And Wai Lana explains what muscles one should feel working in each pose, and how to modify them for a more intense stretch if you are ready for it. Also, customer service is top shelf -- I received a defective item, contacted them, and got a reply and a satisfactory solution the same day !